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Many years ago, whilst living in Auckland, I did an evening class in print making techniques. My profession was software development and I worked in a clean and tidy office. At the evening classes, in contrast, I loved getting creative and messy and having my fingers covered in printers ink.

After moving to York, a few years back, I did a weekend course in linocut print making, run by the fabulous Michelle Hughes. I was still working then and a few Christmas cards were all I could manage. I'm retired now with more time on my hands and a new press from Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies.

A while back I regarded myself as a beginner. With each successive print I have  attempted more and more challenging subjects and I think my technique and skills have improved quite a bit and maybe I’m now exiting the beginner phase. Here are some of my latest efforts.


Kibble Palace Koi Pond

Variable Edition Drypoint with Hand Colouring, A4 on 250gsm A3 Fabriano Unica paper. 2023

Whilst up in Glasgow for a family wedding we spent a little time in Glasgow Botanic Gardens one of whose attractions is Kibble Palace, a large ornate Victorian era glass house with a beautiful curved roof.

As you enter there is a nice circular koi pond that reflects the intricate ribs and struts of the roof, making lovely organic reflections. 


Limited Edition Reduction Linocut, 2023

Print Size: 280 x 395 mm

Whilst visiting Naburn Locks, near York, I loved the slowly waving reflections in the lock water. 


This was printed using oil-based inks and a Hawthorn press on Hosho 80 gsm Japanese washi paper.

The Passage OF Time

Limited Edition Reduction Linocut, A3 on 160gsm A2 Daler Rowney cartridge paper. 2023

About ten years ago, when we lived in Manchester, we went out for the day to Lyme Park, a magnificent stately home with lovely grounds. Whilst wandering around the more formal parts of the garden we came across a nice old sundial onto which a small bunch of rose petals had dropped. I took a photo and recently chose to make it the subject of a print. After mulling it over I decided to do the print as two separate plates, one for the petals and the other for the sundial. And each plate would be a reduction, with 13 colours for the petals and 4 for the sundial. Including preparation time, carving, and waiting for each of the 17 layers to dry it was about 2 months work. I started with a print run of 33, but lost 6 to mistakes and poor registration. But it was worth it - I think the end result is very pleasing.


Limited Edition Reduction Linocut, A4. 2023

A beautifully quiet scene with reflections of trees and lots of little yellow leaves floating on the surface.


Monsal Weir

Limited Edition Reduction Linocut, 20 x 20 cm. 2022

This is from a photo of mine taken during a lovely summer walk in Monsal Dale, in the Peak District. Just the sound of the water going over the weir was restful.

01 Carving.jpeg


03 InkingUp.jpg


04 Pressed.jpg



Limited Edition Linocut, A4. 2022

The details of the ripples in this image were difficult to reproduce, but I love the calm and restful feeling projected by final result.


Long tailed Tits in the snow

Limited Edition Linocut, A4. 2021

I had previously made only a few small Christmas cards for family and friends, hand burnished with a wooden spoon.

Then recently, having bought a proper press, I thought I'd challenge myself with a 'proper print'.

This is from a photograph by the superb nature photographer Ben Howard. 

Out of a run of 30 I managed to create only 4 adequate prints. But I certainly learned a lot.

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