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My name is Phill Jenkins. I'm an expatriate kiwi living in the beautiful city of York. I'm a retired software developer with a passion for graphic design and print making.

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I create linocut prints and I find the meditative process of carving a plate quite relaxing. It’s always great to see my creative ideas taking physical shape on the plate. And the other end of the process, running the inked plate through my press and pulling an impression, is very satisfying, if sometimes frustrating.


A while back I regarded myself as a beginner. With each successive print I have  attempted more and more challenging subjects and I think my technique and skills have improved quite a bit and maybe I’m now exiting the beginner phase.

For a while my prints have focussed on depicting the surface of water; ripples, reflections, floating leaves and such like. The results are calm, peaceful scenes. Recently I have extended my scope to include scenes that capture transient moments of natural beauty that I see all around me. In this way I am exploring my connection with the natural world.


I have not yet experienced a ‘creative block’, and I’m usually experimenting with several ideas at any time. I often find inspiration from browsing Pinterest and, as a keen photographer, I have a large stock of photos to draw upon. Also, I find going out to view other art forms such as theatre, live music, photographic exhibitions, and art galleries can introduce new ideas. Also, just going for a walk in the woods or the hills can provide exciting moments of inspiration.

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